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Honor Club Info

over 4 years ago

Mission Statement:

The purpose of The National Junior Honor Club shall be to promote the ideals of character, service, and leadership among students and to reward students for their academic achievement.


Club Membership (Academics):

To be eligible for the club, all students must have a 90 average or above in the academic subjects of science, social studies, language arts, and mathematics; a 90 average or above in conduct; and be on the Principal's List or Honor Roll each grading period. In order to stay in the club, students must maintain a 90 average in their academic subjects and conduct. A Junior Honor sponsor will be checking student averages each grading period. If a grade average falls below 90, the student will be put on probation. If the grade average does not return to a 90 average or above for the second consecutive grading period, the student will be removed from the Junior Honor Club.


Club Membership (Character):

A Junior Honor Club member must set an example for the rest of the school. Therefore, any behavior that is not in keeping with the goals of the Junior Honor Club will not be tolerated.

If a Junior Honor member is sent to ISS (In School Suspension), OSS (Out of School Suspension}, or Saturday School, the member is put on probation. If the member is sent back to ISS, OSS, or Saturday School for a second time in the same school year, the member may be removed from the Junior Honor Club. Once removed due to probation, the member will not be eligible until the start of the following school year. If a member is assigned to Alternative School, the member will be removed from the club and will not be eligible again until the next academic school year.


Club membership (Service to others):

All members are required to promote the ideals of the BES Junior Honor Club and to do their fair share when assigned duties. All members will be required to participate in community service events assigned by sponsor.


Meetings and Trips:

The 6th, 7th, and 8th grade members will meet together regularly and will take an overnight trip in the spring.